5 Great Ways to Make Your Computer Run Faster

19 Apr

Any serious gamer, movie editor or perhaps Facebook addict will spend hours upon hours before their desktop. And no doubt they'll devote a good deal of time with their computer during the night, with all the lights off, such as a hermit in a cave. Here are five great ways to get your setup look epic (some may say epic-winning?) For hardly any cash:

Looking for Best-backlit keyboards

Multiple displays. In addition to supplying that little more mild (the one's I have light my whole desk) it provides you double click the display distance AND seems awesome to reserve. Most, if not all graphics cards may support more than 1 display, you merely plug it into a spare slot on your graphics card and Windows will recognise it. You may then extend applications across both displays, maintain MSN open on a single and IE open to another or simply have a single running a slideshow of lolcats. For the best result, mount them onto the wall (most monitors require regular VESA mounts).

For all of the lighting a TV or monitor can provide you, you may never really see in the dark. An illuminated computer keyboard, like the one offered by, raises your nighttime typing capacity massively, particularly if you're not a trained touch typist.
A coloured mouse. These are rather tough to find nowadays, the good ones have a tendency to be somewhat costly. There are a few Chinese manufacturers, these do not have a tendency to be too poor. I purchased mine off play.com cheaply and have had it for five decades, so I'm at the industry too!

This is not as essential but nevertheless makes your installation look far better. Mine has been a really cheap 10-port hub for #5 sent. It's a blue LED in the centre that resembles... a #5 LED! I purchased some glue pads out of Ryman's for #1 to adhere down it to my desk so that it does not go anywhere. And plugged into the I have...

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