Dell Inspiron E6400 Review

19 Apr

Dell has always been famous for producing strong notebooks. Being in the market for a brand new notebook a couple of months before, I did some research and discovered that the E6400 is a machine which would serve me nicely. The Dell Latitude E6400 has been the replacement for its very popular Dell D630 that I had the chance to utilize. Getting pleased with the D630, I believed the E6400 are a great option for me.

After spending a couple of days trying to configure my notebook with all the Dell sales staff, they eventually got it right and delivered me my device. After opening the box, I had been really excited to see with my brand new glossy computer.

I turned the pc on and was amazed to observe that the keyboard in actions. This is a $50 upgrade but allow me to inform you that it had been well worthwhile. I'm typing this review at the moment in the dark without difficulty what so ever.

After a couple of minutes admiring my new pc, I noticed that the top right of this computer was angled different compared to the remainder of the computer keyboard. I thought that was strange but guessed it was just how it was created. After assessing the computer a little more, I discovered that the ideal speaker grill had a dent in it. It seemed like a flat head screw driver has been dropped onto it.

All these were minor matters that I could cope with for the moment, and so I chose to go about my business and set my brand new notebook to get the job done.

I'd work on some thing and every so often, something arbitrary would occur on the monitor. I set up a key logger to attempt to learn what the problem was and what essential was causing the situation.

After seeing the logs from the primary logger, I found the CTRL key has been pressed multiple times tripping computer keyboard short cuts. After taking a look at the keyboard for some time, I noticed the fool who put the keyboard to the notebook jammed it and that's the reason the top left of the keyboard seemed bent. The top from the computer was flexed and pried into place, and so I straightened it out as best I could and put it back into the notebook.

Following some further troubleshooting, I discovered that the signature pad has been causing the situation. Apparently, there's a purpose on the touch pad to zoom out and in that emulates pressing the CTRL key and the - and + keys. Whenever my finger was on the trunk of the signature pad, then it might cause the CTRL key to participate so I turned this off purpose and all was great.

I realised since the laptop is under guarantee I would find a new computer keyboard and speaker grill. At least Dell is great about sending replacement components. They came the following day.

The machine was still shaky. I'd always review logs at the Management Console Event Viewer to find out what might be causing my own hardship. Following a couple of rebuilds along with a brand new DVD drive, my machine was eventually working like it should.

So it took some time to have this personal computer running as it should. . .third time...

The Dell Latitude E6400 is a sound, well constructed machine which looks and functions excellent. The back-lit keyboard is a really wonderful touch along with the fundamental (inventory) screen is very good for daily usage. The keys on the computer keyboard are elastic and feel nice to the touch screen. Among those USB ports doubles as a E-SATA interface that's fine! There's a VGA port on the left together with a screen port on the back. The best of this machine includes a fire-wire interface and there's a wise card jack on the device. The display is hardy and you also need 2 hands to start the notebook that's a wonderful good touch. I got the web camera option that works nicely for video conferencing. There's obviously a network interface on the back combined with standard microphone and headset on the right side.

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